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Supertree Methods
M.S. Swenson, R. Suri, C.R. Linder and T. Warnow. 2010. An Experimental Study of Quartets MaxCut and Other Supertree Methods. In Proceedings of WABI (Workshop for Algorithms in Bioinformatics) 2010, Liverpool, UK. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNBI #6293). PDF
M.Shel Swenson, Francois Barbancon, Randy Linder, Tandy Warnow. 2010. A simulation study comparing supertree and combined analysis methods using SMIDGen. Algorithms for Molecular Biology, 5:8 (4 January 2010), special issue of selected papers from WABI 2009. PDF
M.S. Swenson, F. Barbancon, C.R. Linder, and T. Warnow. 2009. A Simulation Study Comparing Supertree and Combined Analysis Methods Using SMIDGen. In Proceedings of WABI 2009, Philadelphia, USA. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNBI #5724). PDF
Closure Operations
Grunewald, S., Steel, M. and Swenson, M.Shel. 2007. Closure operations in phylogenetics. Mathematical Biosciences 208, 521--537. PDF