Help and Instructions for Lab 0

On-line tutorials on Python socket programming (Only for your reference, you may find other similar documents):

1. Server hosts

The server is running on the following host:

2. Platform

We will test your program in a Linux machine in the domain. Remember, your program is required to run in such a platform environment. If you develop your program on other platforms (such as the Linux environment of your home machine), you do so at your own risk. The statement "it worked on my home machine" will not be considered in the grading process. Therefore, please make sure that your program does run well in a CS domain Linux before you turnin.

Hint: On any CS domain machine, you can run the command "cshosts publinux" to get the names of all the public CS Linux machines. For more information, please see Public Computer Labs.

3. Instructions to Turnin

3.1 How

3.2 When

3.3 What to submit

You are required to submit these files.

4. Questions

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