Hey, I’m Matthew, a sophomore at the University of Texas.

Last summer, I interned at Palo Alto Networks doing frontend development.

This summer, I’m looking for a software engineering internship.

Let's get in touch.

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I'm a sophomore majoring in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin, and I'm also on track to getting minors in Business and Statistical Modeling.

I recently completed an awesome internship at Palo Alto Networks, where I engineered responsive frontend components, implemented advanced chatbots to win over 4 million dollars in revenue, and much more!

When I'm not working at my laptop, you can probably find me biking along one of the many beautiful trails in Austin, chasing after food trucks, or getting my rear end handed to me in badminton.

Looking for my resume? Click here!

Featured Projects

Other Projects

FBI UCR Wrapper

RESTful Node.js API Wrapper for exploring data from the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program. Utilized Mocha and Chai to test the wrapper's functionality, and JSDoc to provide comprehensive documentation of the wrapper. The npm package can be found here.

JavaScript Node.js Mocha Chai JSDoc FBI UCR API
Keyword Aggregator

Cross-platform web and mobile application built using React (with LESS) and Express.js that analyzed keywords associated with certain jobs. Fetched and processed live XML and JSON data from job listings hosted by Stack Overflow and Github, and also offered interactive data visualizations. Currently in progress.

React Express.js Node.js JavaScript HTML CSS LESS
Eye Eye

Cross-platform desktop application built on Electron, jQuery, and WebGazer.js that utilized dynamic eye movement tracking to prevent strained eyes. An unobstrusive application that both provided useful video feedback to users and notified them when their eye movements stagnated. Won first place at the Freetail Hackers' 2018 Spring Hackathon.

JavaScript jQuery Electron Node.js HTML CSS WebGazer.js
Robot Navigation

Research project that utilized UT Austin's BWIbots to provide a comprehensive Express.js interface for fully exploiting the BWIbots' navigational capabilities. Implementation included a Node.js script using Cheerio to webscrape data about events happening within the Gates-Dell Complex and facilitation of autonomous navigation to said events.

JavaScript ROS Express.js Node.js Cheerio HTML EJS CSS

Project built on Angular 5 for hackUTD to provide reliable indoor navigation. Allowed users to submit a photo of a floor plan, and using graph traversal algorithms, image convolution filters, and machine learning, created and displayed an optimal path for users to travel by to get between two locations.

Angular 5 TypeScript JavaScript HTML CSS Bootstrap

Project build on Express.js for TAMUhack to centralize social media-based emergency assistance requests and provide real-time geographic and severity tracking. Pulled tweet geolocation data, performed algorithmic word sentiment analysis using natural language processing, and livestreamed data onto an interactive map.

Express.js Twitter API ArcGIS API JavaScript Node.js HTML CSS

Node.js script utilizing the Reddit API to automatically respond to posts on Reddit. Regularly checked for new posts, searched for similar posts made in the past, using a custom algorithm to check for relevancy, and then reposted the top comments from those previous submissions onto the new post.

Node.js JavaScript Reddit API


JavaScript (ES6)
Angular 5
Mocha & Chai
Gulp & Grunt
Git & Github
Bash & cURL
Marketo & Aventri
Adobe Experience Manager


Palo Alto Networks Logo

Front End Development Intern

Palo Alto Networks
Summer 2018
Santa Clara, CA

Extended chatbot functionality using Node.js and browser-side JavaScript to influence over 4 million dollars in revenue and collect sales targeting data from 1100 potential clients.

Engineered responsive front-end facing components using jQuery and Bootstrap and prototyped future products with HTML5, CSS3 (LESS), and JavaScript, pushing over 20,000 lines of code to production.

Developed a Selenium (Nightwatch.js) testing framework to automate front end component testing. Verified the integrity and visual appearance of over 100 components, reducing testing time from several manual hours to 15 minutes.

Picture of two UT Austin BWIbots, meant to represent the Learning Agents Research Group

Research Assistant

Learning Agents Research Group
Spring 2018
Austin, TX

Gained experience in object-oriented programming using C++ and modern software package development with ROS, and worked on projects involving computer vision and autonomous robot movement.

Led a team to establish a dynamic web interface using Express.js and web-scraping with Cheerio that simplified the process of robot-based navigation to events within the Gates Dell Complex. Code for this project can be found here.

Basic image of a machine learning concept, meant to represent the Howison Lab's mission

Research Assistant

Fall '17 - Spring '18
Austin, TX
Howison Lab

Researched machine learning and data set aggregation under Professor James Howison.

Contributed over 30,000 lines of code towards a software citation data set for the purpose of training a machine-learning algorithm to identify mentions of research software in research papers.