I am a PhD student under the supervision of Lorenzo Alvisi in the LASR group (since 2015) where I am kindly funded by a Google Doctoral Fellowship in Distributed Computing and a Doctoral Harrington Fellowship. I am currently a visiting academic at Cornell University.

Previously, I was a student at MPI-SWS under the supervision of Allen Clement and at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Steven Hand in the Systems Research Group. I also obtained my undergraduate degree in Cambridge.

In the more or less distant past, I interned at INRIA Paris (2016) under Gilles Muller in the WHISPER team, at Microsoft Research Redmond with Phil Bernstein in the DMX group (2015), at Imperial College London, with Peter Pietzuch and Eva Kalyvianaki (2012), in the Large-Scale Distributed Systems Group and at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems in the Dependable Systems Group under the supervision of Rodrigo Rodrigues and Allen Clement (2011). Before that, I worked on the JMEDS Framework for Web Services in Materna GmBH (2010). An even longer time ago, I took the French Bac, Scientific Section (2008).

My CV is available here (Last Updated: February 2017).


My main interests lie in distributed systems, distributed computing and databases. I am specifically interested in looking at consistency in the context of large-scale geo-distributed systems.


  • Seeing is believing: a client-centric formulation of database isolation Paper Extended TR with proofs
    Proceedings of the 2017 ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC'2017)
    Natacha Crooks , Youer Pu, Lorenzo Alvisi and Allen Clement

  • Tebaldi: Bringing Modular Concurrency Control to the Next Level Paper
    Proceedings of The Special Interest Group on Management of Data 2017 (SIGMOD'2017)
    Chunzhi Su, Natacha Crooks , Cong Ding, Lorenzo Alvisi and Chao Xie

  • I Can't Believe It's Not Causal: Scalable Causal Consistency with No Slowdown Cascades Paper
    Proceedings of The Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation 2017 (NSDI'2017)
    Akbar Syed Mehdi, Cody Littley, Natacha Crooks , Lorenzo Alvisi, Nathan Bronson and Wyatt Lloyd

  • TARDiS: A Branch and Merge Approach to Weak Consistency Paper
    Proceedings of The Special Interest Group on Management of Data 2016 (SIGMOD'2016)
    Natacha Crooks, Youer Pu, Nancy Estrada, Trinabh Gupta, Lorenzo Alvisi and Allen Clement

  • Geo-Distribution of Actor-Based Services (Work done as part of an internship at Microsoft Research) Paper
    MSR Technical Report (MSR-TR-2017-3)
    Phil Bernstein, Sebastian Burckhardt, Sergey Bykov, Natacha Crooks, Jose Faleiro, Gabriel Kliot, Alok Kumbhare, Muntasir Raihan Rahman, Vivek Shak, Adriana Szekeres and Jorgen Thelin

  • Scalable and private media consumption with Popcorn Paper
    Proceedings of The Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation 2016 (NSDI'2016)
    Trinabh Gupta, Natacha Crooks, Whitney Mulhern, Lorenzo Alvisi and Michael Walfish

  • Musketeer: All for One and One for All Data Processing Systems Paper
    Proceedings of The European Conference on Computer Systems 2015 (Eurosys'2015)
    Ionel Gog, Malte Schwarzkopf, Natacha Crooks, Matthew Grosvenor, Allen Clement and Steven Hand

Technical Reports

  • Seeing is Believing: A Unified Model for Consistency and Isolation via States Paper
    Natacha Crooks , Youer Pu, Lorenzo Alvisi, and Allen Clement

Workshops & Posters

  • Towards a Consistent Understanding of Consistency Levels 8th Workshop on Large-Scale Distributed Systems and Middleware (LADIS'14)
    Henrique Moniz, Ricardo Dias, João Leitão, Natacha Crooks , Lorenzo Alvizi, Allen Clement and Rodrigo Rodrigues

  • TARDiS, Transactional Storage with Parallel Worlds (Poster) Poster
    Operating Systems Design and Implementation 2014 (OSDI'2014)
    Natacha Crooks , Nancy Estrada and Allen Clement

  • StreamShell, Secure Stream Processing (Poster) Poster (Work done as part of an internship at Imperial)
    The European Conference on Computer Systems 2013 (Eurosys'2013)
    Natacha Crooks , Eva Kalyvianaki and Peter Pietzuch


I have been a teaching assistant/supervisor for the following courses:


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