Design Pattern: Nested Tree Recursion

An alternate pattern for binary tree recursion is similar to tail recursion on lists, nesting two recursive function calls:

(define (myfun tree)
         (myfunb tree initanswer))

(define (myfunb tree answer)
         (if (pair? tree)
                 (myfunb (cdr tree)
                         (myfunb (car tree) answer))
                 (combine answer (baseanswer tree))))

Example: Count the symbols in a tree structure:

(define (nsymbols tree) (nsymbolsb tree 0))

(define (nsymbolsb tree n) (if (pair? tree) (nsymbolsb (cdr tree) (nsymbolsb (car tree) n)) (+ n (if (symbol? tree) 1 0)) ) )

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