CS 315: Study Guide for Midterm Exam

Date: Thursday, October 20, 2011, in class.


Weiss, Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in Java, Chapters 2-4. Class lecture notes.

Material covered in class:


abstract data type ancestors array
association list backtrack base case
Big O binary tree binary search tree (BST)
boxed number branching factor child
circularly linked list circular queue class
cons constructive depth
depth-first search dereference descendants
design pattern destructive DFS
divide and conquer doubly linked list fair
FIFO filter first-child/next-sibling
garbage garbage collection gedanken
goal grammar immutable
inorder interior node intersection
intractable leaf LIFO
linear link linked list
merge node null dereference
object ontology operator
parent pointer postorder
preorder quadratic queue
random access recursion recursive case
reference reference type root
runtime stack scope search
set difference shadow side-effect
sort stack frame stack space
state structure sharing successor
tail recursive taxonomy union
well-founded ordering XML