Lexical Features

These features are the basis of lexical coding.[slide by Robert F. Simmons.]

philosopher +N, +common, +anim, +human, +concrete,
honesty     +N, +common, -concrete, -count,
idea        +N, +common, -concrete, +count
Sebastian   +N, -common, +human, +masc, +count 
slime       +N, +common, +concrete, -anim, -count
kick   +VB, +V, +action, +one-trans, 
own    +VB, +V, -action, +one-trans, 
honest +VB, -V, +action
tipsy  +VB, -V, -action

I told her to kick the ball
* I told her to own the house
* I told her to be tipsy
The philosopher who ate
The idea which influenced me
* The philosopher which ate
* The idea who influenced me

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