Sending Messages

; Define a temporary cons cell for use by sendm
(defvar *sendmcons* (cons nil nil))

; Send a message to an object
(defun sendm (object selector rest args)
  (let (method class)
    (unless (setq class (class-of object))
      (error "Object ~S has no Class." object))
    (if (setq method (findmethod selector class))
        (progn (rplaca *sendmcons* object)
               (rplacd *sendmcons* args)
               (apply method *sendmcons*))
        (error "No method ~A for object ~S"
               selector object)) ))

; Find a method for a given selector and class
(defun findmethod (selector class)
  (if (classp class)
      (or (cadr (assoc selector
                       (get class 'methods)))
          (some #'(lambda (super)
                   (findmethod selector super))
                (get class 'supers))) ) ) )

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