Expert System Class Projects

This page lists some expert system projects that have been done in the past (usually for a semester-project size expert system), and a few projects that failed.

Identification Tasks:

PrimatesTexas minerals
Gems and fake gemsBluejays
ButterfliesWater birds
Chemical saltsLizards
Breeds of catMinerals
Insect ordersMushrooms and treatment
AircraftMushrooms and edibility
Gems and mineralsStar constellations
Fabric fibersBioflavinoids
Igneous rocksSharks
Architectural style of buildingWoody plants of southwest
Texas wildflowersSpiders
Austin birdsRed and pink Texas wildflowers
Flowering houseplantsSeeds of woody plants
Texas snakesVariety of wine grapes

Diagnosis Tasks:

Car electrical problemsNoise problem in car
Fever of Unknown OriginTomato diseases
Runner's medical problemsBroken radio
Aquarium diseasePsychiatric diagnosis
Apple diseasesCar fails to start
Semiconductor wafer failureRice diseases
Potato diseases

Other Tasks:

Bridge biddingEPA pesticide evaluation
Use of GEMS queuing modelBuilding heat generation and insulation
Weapon system cost estimationEvaluate disability for Social Security
Design of heat exchanger

Projects that Failed:

Gordon S. Novak Jr.