CS388C Combinatorics and Graph Theory

Course Description


TIME/PLACE: TTh 12:30 pm 2:00 pm, RLM 5.126

Office hours: TTh 3pm - 4pm (except Feb. 12,14,19,21) or by appointment.

Teaching Assistant: Xue Chen (xchen@cs)

TA Office hours: MW 3pm - 4pm, Location: PAI 5.33 (Desk 3)

The course will survey the most important combinatorial methods used in theoretical computer science.

We will use the book ``Extremal Combinatorics - with applications in computer science'' by Stasys Jukna (second edition).

PREREQUISITES: Familiarity with introductory (undergraduate) level discrete mathematics (including basic counting, probability and linear algebra) is assumed. The course will involve proofs, and it requires some level of mathematical maturity.