EE 382 V Database Engineering

Fall 2010

Instructor: Prof. Daniel P. Miranker (miranker AT cs...)
Office: TAY 3.140B
Office Hours: by email appointment and TBA

TA: Lee Parnell Thompson (parnell AT cs...)
Office: Aces 5.04b
Office Hours: by email appointment

Class Schedule
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Required Text

"Database Systems: The Complete Book", Garcia-Molina, Ullman, Widom, Prentice Hall. 2nd Addition

Supplementary material: Additional technical papers:


The course will cover nearly all of text chapters, 7, 8, 16-18, and parts of text chapters 11,12 and 21. Download here


There will be a midterm and a final. Homework is heavily graded as there will be a small series of hands on projects that together constitute a kind of implementation project. Thus, individual homeworks will also have different weight.

The three grading components will be weighted as follows, midterm 30%, final 35%, project 35%.

Late Homework policy: Each student is permitted one late homework no questions asked, provided it is turned in before the solution set is posted. Detailed timing, communicate directly with the T.A. More than one homework late, do not ask.