Datasets for "Naive Binning Improves Phylogenomic Analyses"

Md. Shamsuzzoha Bayzid and Tandy Warnow, Bioinformatics, 2013.

Please see this webpage for more simulated datasets used in testing ILS-based species tree estimation methods.

11-taxon ILS: 100 replicates, 100 genes

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17-taxon ILS (true gene trees and alignments): 500 replicates, at 8 and 32 genes

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17-taxon ILS (estimated gene trees): 100 replicates, at 8 and 32 genes

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These 17-taxon datasets were provided by Luay Nakhleh of Rice University, who simulated these datasets for an earlier study. These datasets were later analysed by J. Yang and T. Warnow ("Fast and accurate methods for phylogenomic analyses", BMC Bioinformatics 12 (Suppl 9): S4, 2011).

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