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PI: Tandy Warnow -- Professor, Computer Science

Ph.D. Students


  • Keerthana Kumar (double major in CS and BIO)


  • Kevin Atteson -- Postdoc
  • Francois Barbançon -- Postdoc
  • Ganesh Ganapathy -- Ph.D. (now postdoc with Erich Jarvis, HHMI, at Duke University)
  • K.T. Hughes -- Undergraduate
  • Daniel Huson -- Postdoc (now Professor of Algorithms in Bioinformatics at Tuebingen University)
  • Young-suk Lee -- Undergraduate (now PhD student in Computer Science at Princeton University)
  • Libby Levison -- Postdoc
  • Kevin Liu -- PhD student and Postdoc (now postdoctoral fellow with Luay Nakhleh at Rice University)
  • Luay Nakhleh -- Ph.D. (now Associate Professor of Computer Science at Rice University)
  • Serita Nelesen -- Ph.D. (now Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Calvin College)
  • Ken Rice -- Postdoc
  • Usman Roshan -- Ph.D. (now Associate Professor of Computer Science at New Jersey Institute of Technology)
  • Christina Skelton -- Undergraduate (now PhD student in Linguistics at UCLA)
  • Katherine St. John -- Postdoc (now Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Lehman College)
  • Rahul Suri -- Staff Researcher
  • Shel Swenson -- Ph.D. and postdoc (now postdoctoral fellow in Mathematics at Georgia Tech)
  • Ann Taylor -- Postdoc
  • Li-San Wang -- Ph.D. (now Assistant Professor in the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania)
  • Shibu Yooseph -- Ph.D. (now Director of Informatics at the J. Craig Venter Institute)
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