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DACTAL: Divide-and-Conquer Trees (Almost) Without ALignments


  • DACTAL (Divide-And-Conquer Trees without ALignments)  is a software package for estimating phylogenies from ultra-large datasets with up to tens of thousands of unaligned nucleotide sequences and with many kb of sequence length.

Upcoming beta/public version

A user-friendly beta/public version will be released soon. Details will be posted on this webpage as soon as that they are available.


  • An alpha-release of the DACTAL software package used in the submitted manuscript can be obtained here. After downloading, decompress the file using the following command:
tar xjf dactal-ship.tar.bz2

Then, read the instructions in ./dactal-ship/README to install DACTAL.


  • S. Nelesen, K. Liu, L.-S. Wang, C.R. Linder, T. Warnow, "DACTAL: divide-and-conquer trees (almost) without alignments," Bioinformatics, Vol 28, ISMB 2012, pages i274-i282.

Trees from published analyses

  • Trees from analyses in the publication can be obtained here.
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