Aug 31

1. Michael's email is updated:

2. Piazza: Please join the class on Piazza. We use Piazza to discuss, update information, submit reading report etc.

Reading reports: submit as private note to Jiayuan He (Michael) on Piazza.
Deadline: Sunday 11:59 PM for papers that we will discuss on the following Tuesday and Thursday.
Please name the title as NAME -- TOPIC, e.g. Michael He -- Capri

Note for the first report: Since we didn't notify the details of a reading report in the first class, the report for 2nd week (Sep 5th and 7th) is not required. First reading report starts from the 3rd week (Sep 12th and 14th, FFTW and Spiral).
Please also introduce yourself in the first report: Which department are you from? Your background and research area? What you expect to learn from this course?
Deadline: Sep 10th (Sunday) 11:59 PM

Report format: You have freedom to summarize and discuss the papers in the report. You can summarize the key ideas, ask clarifying questions, raise your challenge to the assumption or solution, doubt the experiments, show your insights, relate and compare to other works, or show your ideas to improve the work etc.
The point is to make everyone prepared for the class discussion.
Sample report 1
Sample report 2
Sample report 3

3. Slides and some links have been added to the intro.