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# Licensing Information: Please do not distribute or publish solutions to this
# project. You are free to use and extend these projects for educational
# purposes. The Pacman AI projects were developed at UC Berkeley, primarily by
# John DeNero ( and Dan Klein (
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  Agent Configuration


 - TeamName (string)
    The official name of your team. Names
    must be alpha-numeric only. Agents with
    invalid team names will not execute.

 - AgentFactory (string)
    The fully qualified name of the agent
    factory to execute.

 - AgentArgs (dict of string:string)
    Arguments to pass to the agent factory

 - NotifyList (list of strings)
    A list of email addresses to notify
    to when this agent competes.

 - Partners (list of strings)
    Group members who have contributed to
    this agent code and design.


# Alpha-Numeric only
TeamName = 'BaselineAgents'

# Filename.FactoryClassName (CASE-sensitive)
AgentFactory = 'baselineAgents.BaselineAgents'

Partners = ['Berkeley Staff']

AgentArgs = {'first':'offense', 'second':'defense'}

NotifyList = []