CS378: Autonomous Multiagent Systems -- Fall 2003: Programming Assignment 1

Programming Assignment 1 - Part B for Autonomous Multiagent Systems (cs378)


The following instructions are designed to work once you have logged onto a publinux machine.

See how the rescue system works

Take a look at the developer manual.

Make sure nobody else is running the simulator on the machine you're on:
	% ps -aux | grep 0gis
	If someone is on, you will see a line with the word "0gis" in it.

In a shell, start the simulator, monitor and agents: 
	% cd /projects/cs378.pstone/rescue-0_45-unix/boot
        % ./all.sh (Expect lots of xterms to pop up. This script runs the kernel, simulators and the monitor.)
        % ./sampleagent.sh (This script runs the sample agents and start the simulation)

Watch the monitor and enjoy! You will see 4 type of moving agents;
fire brirgade, police force, ambulance team and civilians. Their task is as follows:
  o fire brigade extinguishes fires.
  o police force clears the roads.
  o ambulance goes to buildings and rescue civilians.
  o civilians wander around and sometimes die!

Send us an email with the color of each agent type.

The score that you see on top of the viewer is based on the number of dead civilians 
and the damage to the city.

 NOTE: if after running the sampleagent.sh, the monitor disappears, email us and we'll figure out something.

To kill the system
	% ./killall.sh (it will kill all java applications; not available in the original package.)

If you want to locally install the system:
 o Download the rescue package

 o Install the system
	% tar xzf rescue-0_45-unix.tar.gz
	% cd rescue-0_45-unix/program/
	% configure 
	% make (it will take a while)
 o Run the rescue system 
	% cd ../boot
	% ./all.sh
	% ./sampleagent.sh
 o Kill the system
	you need to cancel the xterms one by one.