CS378: Autonomous Multiagent Systems -- Spring 2005: Programming Assignment 4

Programming Assignment 4 for Autonomous Multiagent Systems (cs378)


This assignment is designed to get you familiar with the rescue code base that you will be using for your final project. For this, you will have the yabai code base. It is available in yabai directory, in rescue directory. It is the same base code that you used for assignment 2 and 3. In this assignment, you will need to change all different type of agents.

Try to make a change to the current base of police forces and ambulance agents. One example of a change is as follows: Make police forces clear the roads that ambulances and fire brigades need to use; and make the ambulances give priority to the civilians that are closer to death.

If you choose to make another change, please email us before actually implementing it.

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