CS395T: Autonomous Robots -- Assignment 1

Assignment 1: How to Use an AIBO

Note: you will not be able to start on this assignment until after the first day of class when we create your accounts and give you access to the lab.

The purpose of this assignment is to become familiar with the process of loading up memory sticks, running programs on the Aibos, and editing your Aibo programs. The three parts of the assignment are logging into Vieri, the computer that we use to compile Aibo code and load memory sticks, running a Sample Program, and finally editing some actual C++ code and observing the result.

Log into Vieri

Vieri is the Dell laptop in the lab between the bookcases, but you should log into it remotely.
  1. Log onto a CS Machine. You should be able to log directly onto the machines in the lab with your CS account.
  2. You should already have an account on Vieri. Telnet into Vieri as follows:
    ssh username@

Run a Sample Program

  1. Go to the directory with all the sample programs in it:
    cd /home/robosoccer/ERS-7/sample/
    The sample programs do relatively straightforward things:
    • LMasterRSlave: You move its left legs; the robot mirrors the actions with its right legs.
    • BlinkingLED7: Blinks all the LEDs in a pattern, and clicks the ears.
    • HelloWorld: Outputs to the telnet window.
    • SensorObserver: Outputs sensor values to the telnet window.
    • Etc.: You are encouraged to experiment with the other sample programs to see what they do.
  2. In this directory, each subdirectory is one sample program. Copy one of them into your home directory so you can experiment on it:
    cp -r <SampleProgramName> ~/
    cd ~/<SampleProgramName>
  3. You are now in the main directory of the program. Run the command make. This compiles the code into binary .BIN files (in the appropriate subdirectories). Note that some of the sample programs (esp. MovingLegs7 and MovingHead7) will not compile without certain other programs present in the parent directory.
  4. Then run make install. This moves the .BIN files into the MS/ directory (specifically, into the directory MS/OPEN-R/MW/OBJS).
  5. Put a memory stick in the memory stick reader attached to Vieri. (If there is no free memory stick sitting next to Vieri, get one from inside an Aibo.)
    Be careful when using the memstick reader:
  6. Execute the following series of commands to get your program onto the memory stick, where <IP-number> is a multiple of 10 from 10 to 80 of your choice.
    mount /memstick
    /home/robosoccer/memstick/wipestick.sh <IP-number>
    cp -r MS/* /memstick
    umount /memstick
  7. Once the red light on the memstick reader goes off, take the memstick out of the reader, and put it in an Aibo. Make sure the Aibo also has a fully charged battery in it, and turn the Aibo on (the button on the back of the Aibo's neck).
  8. Interact with the Aibo in a manner suggested by <SampleProgramName>. Some programs interact via a telnet window. To telnet into the robot and see what it is saying, type (from a shell on Vieri):
    telnet 10.0.1.<IP-number> 59000
    Note that if another Aibo with the same IP as yours is also on, you may encounter problems telnetting into your Aibo.

Edit a Sample Program

What to Turn In

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