CS395T: Multi-Robot Systems: Robotic Soccer with Legged Robots -- Spring 2003

CS395T: Multi-Robot Systems: Robotic Soccer with Legged Robots -- Spring 2003

Instructor: Peter Stone
Department of Computer Sciences

Tuesday, Thursday 2-3:15pm
ENS 145

Note that most class meetings will be in the lab: TAY 2.144

Instructor Contact Information

office hours: by appointment
office: TAY 4.122
phone: 471-9796
fax: 471-8885
email: pstone@cs.utexas.edu

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Course Description

This is an informal graduate seminar course. There will be some assigned readings and discussions pertaining to robotics and multi-robot systems in general. But mainly, the students will work in teams to create fully-functional teams of robots for playing soccer under the rules of the RoboCup legged league using Sony AIBO robots. Challenges to be addressed will include:
  • Locomotion
  • Object recognition
  • Self-localization
  • Collaborative sensing
  • Multi-agent coordination and strategic reasoning
  • There will be plenty of room for creativity and innovation. The instructor will not enforce particular methods for addressing these challenges. Rather, students will be encouraged to learn from past approaches and propose new solutions.

    There will be an emphasis on collaborative research and division of labor towards a concrete goal. All students will get hands-on programming experience with the robots.

    Further details of the course structure will be determined based on the number of students enrolled.

    If successful, class members may have the opportunity to follow up on their work in this course towards an entry in an international RoboCup competition.


    Some background in artificial intelligence is recommended.


    The course textbook is:
    Robocup 2001: Robot Soccer World Cup V.
    Edited by Andreas Birk, Silvia Coradeschi, and Satoshi Tadokoro.
    Springer-Verlag, 2002. ISBN#: 3-540-43912-9.
    Note that the book is available on-line from within UT.

    Mailing List

    Please subscribe to the class mailing list. The listname is "cs395t-pstone-spr03".
    Once you have subscribed to the list, you can send mail to the class at cs395t-pstone-spr03@lists.cc.utexas.edu.
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    The Lab

    location: TAY 2.144
    phone: 471-9787

    Important: there are 2 entrances to 2.144. My lab is accessible through the East entrance (closer to the elevator).
    The other half of the room is a different lab and is off-limits to class members.


    Grades will be based on

  • class participation and
  • contribution to the class programming efforts and/or an independent programming project.

  • Relevant Links

  • RoboCup, the robot soccer world cup.
  • Legged League (using Sony Aibos under Open-R).
  • American Open 2003
  • RoboCup-2003 (Padua)

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