CS395T: Multi-Robot Systems -- News and Notes

CS395T: Multi-Robot Systems -- News and Notes

Next Class Meeting

We will meet Thursday (1/16) at 2pm in the Robosoccer Lab:
TAY 2.144.
Important: there are 2 entrances to 2.144. My lab is accessible through the East entrance (closer to the elevator).
The other half of the room is a different lab and is off-limits to class members.

Things to do ASAP (before the first class if possible)

  • Join the class mailing list (see class main page).
  • Get the class textbook (see class main page).
  • Browse the RoboCup Legged League pages.
  • Create for yourself a free account on the Open-R pages and browse them a bit too.
  • Class Registration

    The class is currently full. The class will probably work best with fewer rather than more people since time with the robots will be a constraint. However, I will do my best to accomodate all interested students who are serious about putting in a serious effort on this course. If you are unable to register, please come to the first class meeting. At that point, I will see how many people are interested and I'll decide how to proceed. At this point, I cannot guarantee permission to register to anyone. If I do give you permission to register, you will need to go see Katherine Utz or Gloria Ramirez in TAY 2.114 after I have sent them your name.

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