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Technical Issues

We present a key set of issues that arise assuming our particular two tiered planning and plan-execution approach to teamwork. Of course, those who approach the problem from different perspective may have different issues, and the issues may change depending on the type of architecture employed.

The following is the envisioned teamwork challenge in this domain: (i) a team deliberatively accumulates a series of plans to apply to games with different adversarial teams; (ii) game plans are defined at an abstract level that needs to be refined for real execution; (iii) real-time execution in a team-plan execution framework/architecture that is capable of addressing key contigencies. Such an architecture also alleviates the planning concerns by providing some ``commonsense'' teamwork behaviors -- not all of the coordination actions are required to be planned in detail as a result. The key research tasks here are:

Peter Stone
Tue Sep 23 10:34:44 EDT 1997