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Managing Challenges

In order to facilitate technical progress based on the RoboCup challenge, we offer basic resources and opportunities.

The RoboCup Challenge Committee:

The RoboCup Challenge Committee will be formed to execute the challenge initiative. The commitee will include members of the international executive committee for RoboCup and distinguished researchers not directly involved in RoboCup. The committee will create specific tasks and criteria for evaluation, as well as providing technical advice for the challengers.

In the RoboCup home page, basic software resources and technical information can be obtained. ( Software includes the Soccer Server system, which is a server system for the simulation track, and various sample teams. In addition, sample test sequences will be provided. The home page also provides a set of papers and technical documents related to RoboCup.

A series of RoboCup competitions are planned to provide opportunities to test ideas. As international events, we are planning to have RoboCup-98 in Paris (The Official Event of the World Cup), RoboCup-98 Victoria (as a part of IROS-98 conference), and RoboCup-98 Singapore (as a part of PRICAI-98 Conference). Several local competitions will be organized by local committee in each region. The final evaluation and exhibit of the results will be made at IJCAI-99.


Workshops will be organized at major international conferences, as well as at local workshops, in order to faciliate exchange of information, to have technical discussions, and to get feedback on the status of the challengers in relation to the overall framework of the challenge.

Peter Stone
Tue Sep 23 10:34:44 EDT 1997