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As a part of the locker-room agreement, the team can define multi-step multi-agent plans to be executed at appropriate times. Particularly if there are certain situations that occur repeatedly, it makes sense for the team to devise plans for those situations ahead of time. We define a set-play as the combination of:

The set-plays are defined in the locker-room agreement so that they are known to all agents on the team. Note that a set-play need not involve the entire team: tex2html_wrap_inline1344 . The locker-room agreement also includes a general function to map roles in a formation to roles in a set-play: tex2html_wrap_inline1346 . Thus set-play roles are not assigned to pre-determined agents; instead they are filled by whichever agent is filling the appropriate role in the team's current formation.

Peter Stone
Thu Dec 17 15:26:44 EST 1998