ATTUnited RoboCup-2001 Simulator Team

This page presents the ATTUnited team entered in the RoboCup-2001 simulator league.


Peter Stone


  • The tournament included more than 40 teams from around the world.
  • ATTUnited-2001 won 6 games, tied 2, and lost 1.
  • Results of RoboCup-2001 are available from the main RoboCup homepage.

The ATTUnited-2001 simulator team is based upon the CMUnited-99 simulator team and aspects of the ATT-CMUnited-2000 simulator team. The low level code of ATTUnited-2001 is based almost entirely on CMUnited-99. Source code is available from the CMUnited-99 page. You may also run ATTUnited-2001 as it ran in Melbourne.
Download the tarred, gzipped executables for Linux. A README file with instructions on how to start the clients and a brief team description paper are included.

Additional packages are available for download from the CMUnited-99 page.