Advanced Cryptography. (Prof. Brent Waters)

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Lecture Title Author Comments to: Additional Info. link
1-1 Introduction Rashid Kaleem rashid at cs   pdf   tex
1-2 Number Theory background, Basic Cryptography. Rashid Kaleem rashid at cs   pdf   tex
2-1 El Gamal Encryption Allison Bishop allibishop at gmail   pdf   tex
2-2 Identity Based Encryption   pdf   tex
3-1 Identity Based Encryption (contd.) Scott Kilpatrick scottk at cs   pdf   tex
3-2 Boneh-Boyen IBE Jimmy Yang jyang at cs   pdf   tex
4-1 Boneh-Boyen Proof & Waters IBE System Yannis Rouselakis johnysrouss at gmail   pdf   tex
4-2 Practice questions (no scribe)        
5-1 CCA Security Vishvas Vasuki vishvas.vasuki at gmail   pdf   tex
5-2 Good Talk/ Bad Talk (presentation)        
6-1 Schnorr's Signatures Ankur Rathi arathi dot mail at gmail   pdf   tex
6-2 RSA Signatures Sanjam Garg sanjamg at cs   pdf   tex
7-2 Aggregate Signatures Kevin Gladstone happyrock736 at gmail   pdf   tex
8-1 Susan Hohenberger's Talk


- - - -
9-1 Broadcast Encryption Abhik Kumar Das akd dot iit at gmail   pdf   tex
9-2 Traitor Tracing Abhik Kumar Das akd dot iit at gmail   pdf   tex
10-1 Presentations (Ankur, Alex, Yannis) 30th March, 09        
10-2 Problem Set Solutions        
11-1 Presentations (Jimmy, Abhik, Scott) 7th April, 09        
11-2 Problem Set Solutions/ Data Storage Jimmy Yang jyang at cs   pdf   tex
12-1 Presentations (Allison, Drake, Kevin) 14th April, 09        
12-2 Data Storage        
13-1 Presentations (Vishvas, Rashid, Sanjam) 21st April, 09        
13-2 - - - - -
14-1 Oblivious Transfer Susan Hohenberger  

Guest Lecture
14-2 Secure Multiparty Communication Susan Hohenberger  

Guest Lecture