Graduate Courses

Spring 2014

  • Game Theory (Prof. Evdokia Nikolova)

Fall 2013

  • Algorithms for Computational Biology (Prof. Tandy Warnow)

Spring 2013

  • Algorithms: Techniques and Theory (Prof. Greg Plaxton)

  • Advanced Probability: Learning, Inference and Networks (Prof. Sanjay Shakottai)

Fall 2012

  • Numerical Analysis : Linear Algebra (Prof. Inderjit Dhillon)

  • Programming Languages (Prof. William Cook)

Spring 2012

  • Sparsity, Structure and Algorithms (Prof. Sujay Sanghvi)

    • Course Project : A Survey on Sparse PCA [pdf]

  • Combinatorics and Graph Theory (Prof. Anna Gal)

Fall 2011

  • Learning Theory (Prof. Pradeep Ravikumar and Prof. Adam Klivans)

    • Course Project : Bandit Problems [slides] (with Harsh Pareek)

  • Convex Optimization Theory (Prof. Constantine Caramanis)

    • Course Project : Smoothed Analysis of Algorithms and the Fujishige-Wolfe Algorithm to Minimize Submodular Functions [pdf] (with Pravesh Kothari)

Undergraduate Courses

Computer Science and Mathematics

  • CS719 Data Streaming Algorithms and Systems

  • CS648 Randomized Algorithms

  • CS676 Computer Vision and Image Processing

  • CS644 Finite Automata on Infinite Inputs

  • CS628 Computer Systems Security

  • CS682 Quantum Computing

  • CS455 Introduction to Software Engineering

  • CS674 Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery

  • CS315 Principles of Database Systems

  • CS345 Algorithms - II

  • CS365 Artificial Intelligence

  • SE366 Digital Image Processing

  • CS335 Compiler Design

  • CS330 Operating Systems

  • CS340 Theory of Computation

  • CS425 Computer Networks

  • CS201 Discrete Mathematics

  • ESO211 Data Structures and Algorithms

  • CS355 Programming Tools and Techniques

  • CS220 Introduction to Computer Organization

  • MTH203 Differential Equations

  • MTH101 Real Analysis and Multivariate Calculus

  • MTH102 Complex Analysis and Linear Algebra

  • ESC101 Fundamentals of Computing

Other Science and Engineering Courses

  • SE311 Physics of the Universe

  • TA201 Introduction to Manufacturing Processes

  • ESO212 Fluid Mechanics and Rate Processes

  • CHM201 Basic Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

  • ESC102 Introduction to Electronics

  • PHY103 Electromagnetism and Quantum Mechanics

  • TA101 Engineering Graphics

  • PHY102 Classical Mechanics and Special Relativity