About Me

Hi! I am Ratnika Batra, a freelance web and software developer and a fiction writer. I work at The Cappuccino Times as a webmaster and at the Daily Texan as a columnist. I aim to create modern looking websites by taking advantage of the emerging technologies. I am a Computer Science and Rhetoric and Writing student at the University of Texas at Austin. Speaking of which - I love Austin! A little off topic, I like photography. I wish to travel the world and write about different places and my hiking/biking experiences. Other than that, I am looking for a job/internship in web or software development!

Working at The Cappuccino Times as a Web Developer.

Be on the look out for a fresh website coming up!

University of Texas at Austin

Undergraduate Class of 2018

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.

Bachelors of Arts in Rhetoric and Writing.

Student Assistant

Helping at the university and learning a lot!

Work and Education

I have 1 year of experience in web development and three years in software development. I know Java, C, Assembly, Unix, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, SQL and PHP. I have worked with Apache server. I also have some experience making a Java GUI and learned a lot about Apache Poi and things alike while working to include support for .doc and .docx in GUI. Why should you hire me? I am not only hard-working, but smart-working too. I know my ways around a problem. I am organized and extremely energetic. I am creative; not only in designing but also in problem solving. I am efficient, and most importantly, I believe in myself and that I can do anything that is humanly possible.

Fiction writing

I fell in love with fiction after reading the Harry Potter books. I wish I hadn't seen the movies before I read them.

Pencils, Diaries and notebooks.

The fun is in writing the old fashion way.

My first camping trip at Inks Lake.

Finding the best place to write. Even if it means I have to enjoy my life a little more.

Writing Projects

I am a very passionate writer. I have done a few articles on science. One of them was published on the Daily Texan. I love writing fiction! So much that I am currently working on my own book. I also write about politics but not many people like it because I have too many opinions on my articles, but hey, politicians don't give me a lot of good things to write about. Stay tuned for my book!

I take photos in my free time. These are some of the pics I took in Austin and at UT.

I "try" to do some art work. These are the best that I got :D

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