Class Schedule

This page will gradually fill with more details as the topic talks and project talks are scheduled. Click on the title for more details, including reading assignments, descriptions of homework assignments, etc.

Date Topic Assignment
Aug 27Intro to Neural Nets
Sep 03Competitive Learning, Self-Organizing Maps Personal ads due.
Perceptrons Homework 1 (Self-Organizing Maps) assigned.
Sep 10Backpropagation
Deep Learning
Sep 17No Class Homework 1 (Self-Organizing Maps) due.
Homework 2 (Backpropagation) assigned.
Sep 24Reinforcement Learning
Oct 01Game Playing Homework 2 (Backpropagation) due.
Subsymbolic Artificial Intelligence
Oct 08Exam Practice questions
Oct 15Biological Neural Nets Topic talk proposals due.
Biological Modeling: The Visual Cortex
Oct 22Sabarish and Srinivasan: Committee machines
Oct 29Richard and Ruohan: Function Approximation in Reinf. LearningHomework 3 (Game Agents) assigned.
Chenhan and Lixun: Robot Control With Neuroevolution
Nov 05David, Josiah, Xiaorong: High-level Robot Behavior
Barry and Jimmy: Multi-agent behaviorProject proposals due
Nov 12Alex, Elliot, Mark: Transfer LearningHomework 3 (Game Agents) due (Results)
Jacob and Yun: Combining Learning and Evolution
Nov 19Ankita and Venketaram: Language Representations
Joel and Woody: Time Series Analysis
Nov 26Kaivan and Pulkit: Text document Processing
Andrew and Hunter: Sentiment Analysis
Dec 03Project talks & Class Evaluation
9:00 Chenhan, Lixun: NeuroRobotic Arm Collision Free Trajectory Planning
9:12 David, Josiah, Xiaorong: Evolving Petri Nets for Robot Control
9:24 Jacob and Yun: Combining Learning and Evolution
9:36 Barry and Jimmy: Multiagent Coordination
9:48 Richard and Ruohan: Understanding Deep Reinforcement Learning
10:00 Alex, Elliot, Mark: Knowledge Transfer in Neuroevolution Game Playing
10:12 Coffee Break
10:30 Joel and Woody: Stock-Market Prediction
10:42 Ankita and Venketaram: Topic Modeling
10:54 Sabarish and Srinivasan: Tweet Recommendation Based on User Interest
11:06 Kaivan and Pulkit: Movie Prediction System using IMDB data and Self Organizing Maps
11:18 Andrew and Hunter: Sentiment Analysis
11:30 Class Evaluation
Dec 15 Project papers due.
11am CST
Tue Nov 25 00:05:49 CST 2014