Class Schedule

This page will gradually fill with more details as the topic talks and project talks are scheduled. Click on the title for more details, including reading assignments, descriptions of homework assignments, etc.

Date Topic Assignment
Aug 28Intro to Neural Nets
Sep 04Competitive Learning, Self-Organizing Maps Personal ads due.
Perceptrons Homework 1 (Self-Organizing Maps) assigned.
Sep 11Backpropagation Homework 1 (Self-Organizing Maps) due.
Deep Learning Homework 2 (Backpropagation) assigned.
Sep 18Reinforcement Learning Homework 2 (Backpropagation) due.
Sep 25Game Playing
Subsymbolic Artificial Intelligence
Oct 02Exam Practice questions
Oct 09Biological Neural Nets Topic talk proposals due.
Biological Modeling: The Visual Cortex Homework 3 (Game Agents) assigned.
Oct 16Jason and Keenan: PSO, CMA, DE in neuroevolution
Xun and Kewei: Indirect encoding in neuroevolution
Oct 23Vidhoon and Hang: Feature extraction Homework 3 (Game Agents) due.
Naveen and Vignesh: NN/ML comparisons
Oct 30Ethan: Recurrent Neural Nets Project proposals due
Isaiah and Donna: Sentence processing
Nov 06Shweta and Eda: Sentiment analysis .
Monisha and Layamrudhaa: Bilingual models
Nov 13Avani and Jin: Speech recognition
Swetha and Niyati: Visual pattern recognition
Nov 20Brian and Dheeraj: Multiagent systems
Theo and Cecile: Music
Nov 27No Class
Dec 03No Class
Dec 06Project talks & Class Evaluation
8am-12pm 8:00 Jason and Keenan: Self-adapting NN
ACE 2.402 8:15 Kewei: Metric Space Indexing
8:30 Naveen and Vignesh: Classification
8:45 Layamrudhaa and Monisha: Learning Bilingual Semantics
9:00 Donna and Isaiah: Learning Word Semantics
9:15 Ethan: Recognizing Grammaticality
9:30 Shweta and Eda: Sentiment Analysis
9:45 Break (UTCS Holiday Brunch!)
10:15 Avani and Jin: Accent Recognition
10:30 Swetha and Niyati: Face Recognition
10:45 Hang and Vidhoon: Activity Recognition
11:00 Xun: Multimodal Behavior
11:15 Brian and Dheeraj: Communication in OpenNERO
11:30 Theo and Cecile: Predicting Music Rankings
11:45 Class Evaluation
Dec 18 Project papers due.
Sat Dec 7 15:23:34 CST 2013