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Ricardo Riveron
E-mail: larius828@yahoo.com | Austin, TX 78731 | 281-919-6639

Offering technical support for the community

Welcome! I am a third-year student at The University of Texas at Austin. Here you can look at my resume.

I am currently working on building a game engine that will be used for creating layered 2-D platform games with 3-D background rendering with my good friend Kaleb Alanis. Check out his webpage here.

Recently I began to expand my web development skills and have begun working on this website to start building expertise in my field as well as some recognition. Here you can find my general information as well as some of the previous work I've done.

In the About page you can find some background about me as well as what I do other than Tech Support. The Blog and Contact pages are both self-explanatory, the blog will mainly be based on tech related news but will deviate to UT news and sometimes US news as I see fit.

My previous work

Currently I have two games that I have developed using GML (GameMaker Language). This language started as a basic tool for people interested in learning the basics of how games were made. Now, even the popular game "Hotline Miami" was developed using GML.

The .exe of my games can be found here.

The development of this website started as a fork from this bootstrap.