Using Turnin


Use the command turnin to submit your project. Its usage is:

turnin --submit <grader> <assignment-name> <file1> <file2>...

For this course the grader is sbarrett. You will be given the name for every project to turn in, e.g. cs394r-prog1 for programming assignment 1, cs394r-prog2 for program 2, and so on.

Note that <file1> etc. can be directories. Please also send Peter and Sam an email when you submit because turnin does not send us notifications.


You can see whether the submission was successful or not by giving the command:

turnin --list <grader> <assignment-name>

This should show the list of files which got submitted.


To submit for programming assignment 1 using turnin:

turnin --submit sbarrett cs394r-prog1 directoryWithYourCode

Finally, use --list to confirm what you've submitted:

turnin --list sbarrett cs394r-prog1


If you submit a file a second time, then the previous file and its time stamp will get over-written. Once submitted, you can't undo your submission (although you can overwrite any file).

More Information

Type "man turnin" on any department Unix machine (press space to move forward and q to quit).


The original author of this document is Jun Yuan. This version is based on the file found here.

Updated: 2/09/2013