CS311 - Discrete Math for Computer Science: Spring 2014

Home Syllabus Schedule


This is a tentative schedule for the semester, and as such is subject to change.
Date Topics Additional
Week 1
1/14: T Introduction
1/16: Th Boolean Logic, Satisfiability Module Due
Logical Identities
1/17: F No Discussion Sections This Week
Week 2
1/21: T Predicates and Quantifiers Module Due
Logical Identities
1/23: Th Translating Between English and Logic Module Due
HW1 Assigned
Week 3
1/28: T Direct and Indirect Proof Module Due
Algebra Reference
1/30: Th Contradiction, Counterexamples, Existence, Case Analysis Module Due
HW1 Due
Week 4
2/4: T Uniqueness, Working Backwards, Lemmas, Exhaustion Module Due
HW2 Assigned
2/6: Th Weak Induction Module Due
Week 5
2/11: T More Weak Induction Module Due
HW2 Due
2/13: Th Strong Induction Module Due
HW3 Assigned
Week 6
2/18: T More Induction  
2/20: Th Exam 1 Review HW3 Due
Week 7
2/25: T Exam 1  
2/27: Th Introduction to Graph Theory: Terminology and Handshaking Theorem Module Due
Week 8
3/4: T Graph Coloring Module Due
3/6: Th Graph Connectivity Module Due
HW4 Assigned
Week 9
3/18: T Bipartite Graphs and Trees Module Due
3/20: Th Planar Graphs, Euler's Formula Module Due
HW4 Due
Week 10
3/25: T Set Theory Module Due
HW5 Assigned
3/27: Th Functions Module Due
Week 11
4/1: T More on Sets and Functions  
4/3: Th Exam 2 Review HW5 Due
Week 12
4/8: T Exam 2  
4/10: Th Recurrences Module Due
Week 13
4/15: T Solving Recurrences (Closed-Form Solution) Module Due
HW6 Assigned
4/17: Th Big-O Notation Module Due
Week 14
4/22: T More on Big-O HW6 Due
HW7 Assigned
4/24: Th Master Theorem Module Due
Week 15
4/29: T Program Correctness  
4/31: Th Final Exam Review
HW7 Due
Finals Week
5/7: W Final Exam (2:00-5:00 pm)
Location: UTC 2.102A