CS305J - Javabat Programming Exercises

In addition to programming assignments, which are larger scale problems, you will complete various small scale programming problems from the Javabat web site.

Setting up Javabat. There isn't much to do because the programming, running, and testing is all done via a web browser. What you must do is:

  1. Read the Javabat about page.

  2. Create a Javabat account. When you create your account be sure to include your name.

  3. When you account is set up go to the preference page and share your account with your TA.

  4. Problems must be completed by 4 pm on the due date.

  5. Problems do not follow the normal Javabat order. To do problems in the proper order for CS305J go to my Javabat page or click on the link for the set below.

Javabat problem sets:

Set Number Due Date Problems. Each assigned problem set has 7 problems. Each problem is worth 1 point.
1 Friday, February 19 CS305J Javabat Problem Set 1 - helloName, makeAbba, makeTags, makeouWord, extraEnd, firsthalf, withourEnd
2 Tuesday, March 2 CS305J Javabat Problem Set 2 - missingChar, frontBack, backAround, everyNth, AddAs, stringTimes, stringBits
3 Tuesday, March 9 CS305J Javabat Problem Set 3 - sumdouble, makes10. notString, frontBack, front3, delDel, mixStart
4 Tuesday, March 23 CS305J Javabat Problem Set 4 - endUp, lastDigit, stringE, max1020, in1to10, teenSum, answerCell
5 Tuesday, March 30 CS305J Javabat Problem Set 5 - bobThere, doubleChar, countHi, catDog, luckySum, evenlySpaced, lessBy10
6 Tuesday, April 6 CS305J Javabat Problem Set 6 - makePi, sameFirstLast, firstLast6, makelast, biggerTwo, plusTwo, countEvens
7 Tuesday, April 27 CS305J Javabat Problem Set 7 - makeMiddle, niTriples, array667, bigDiff, centeredAverage, sum28, more14