CS 307 Section Problem Handouts

Here are links to the Section problem Handouts. You should complete these exercises before the appropriate section as shown on the class schedule.

The purpose of these handouts are:

  1. Give you more practice in the topics the course covers.

  2. Serve as a guide for discussion sections.

  3. Give you material to work on in preparation of exams. The best way to prepare for exams is by being active. Doing problems instead of looking at your notes. 

It is okay share work on the Section Problem Handouts and post possible answers to the newsgroup. 

  1. Java Basics

  2. Arrays

  3. Building classes

  4. Inheritance and Polymorphism

  5. Big O

  6. Recursion

  7. Sorting and Searching

  8. Introduction to Data Structures and Lists.

  9. More on Array Based Lists

  10. Linked Lists

  11. Binary Search Tree Problems

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