Using the turnin Program

This page provides instructions for using the turnin program for turning in assignments to your folder/directory on the CS Department's Microcomputer Lab server. You must have an account for the Microlab to use the turnin program. Accounts may be obtained at this website. Account creation is not instantaneous. It takes a day or two for the account to be generated. Visit to request an account.

If you forget you password visit this page to change it.   

If you need help email the CS department staff that handles accounts.

Finding the turnin program

The turnin program is a web based program, so you can use it from any machine connected to the internet. Go to this url:

Using the turnin program:

To turn transfer files TO your Microlab account:

  1. Connect to the web and go to this url:
  2. Enter your Username and Password in the boxes.  They are the same ones you use to log-in to the computers in the Mircolab. (Recall, your Microlab account is a separate account for lower level computer science department classes. It is not tied to any other computer accounts at UT and has nothing to do with your UTEID.)

  3. Press the Login button.  You should get a page saying you are logged in.

  4. The files stored in your account should show under thee Current Class section:
  5. Correct section.  If you are registered for more than one introductory level computer science course that uses the Microlab you must ensure you have the correct class and correct section selected. If you turn in your assignment files to the wrong class the grader will not be able to access them and assign you a zero for the assignment!

    <<--<<--  Ensure you have the correct class and section selected!

  6. To turn in one or more files, simply use the Choose button. Depending on what operating system you are using you will be able to select one file to upload. You may only upload one file at a time. When you have the correct file press the Upload button.

The file(s) should be transmitted to your turnin folder and should appear in the table in the middle of the turnin web page with the file size and a time stamp.  Check to make sure that the name of the file you sent is now in the table and that it has a current date and time stamp and that the file size is correct.

If you turn in the same file again, the one previously on the turnin server is moved to your deleted directory, which you cannot see.  The new file then replaces it in your main turnin directory (the one you see in the window).

To get files FROM your Microlab account:

  1. To retrieve a file:  Note retrieving a file does not remove it from your directory on the turnin server so you are really transferring a copy of the file.  You may wish to retrieve a file to work on it some more before it is done to to retrieve a graded file to see your grade.  To do so --

You may retrieve a file to work on it some more, if you did not finish it the first time.  Thus you can use the turnin server as temporary storage while you finish an assignment.  The last file turned in is the one that will appear in your turnin directory.

To turn delete files FROM your Microlab account:

You really have no need to delete files during the semester, but if you feel the need to get rid of a file simply click the delete button next to it. You will be prompted to confirm the delete. Once the file has been deleted you cannot recover it, so do not delete any of your assignments, even after they are graded!

If the turnin program fails

If the turnin program fails for you in the CS Department Microcomputer Lab, find a TA or proctor and have him or her email it to your TA and email you a copy at that time.  Save this email as proof that the assignment was emailed.  Other than this, you do not permission to submit assignments by email, and assignments submitted by email will not be graded.

We do not guarantee that the turnin program will work anywhere outside the Labs.  It often does, but if it does not, you must turn in your assignments from the Labs using the turnin program there.  You do not have permission to email your assignments to your TA simply to avoid using the turnin program in the Labs.

Temporary storage

You can use your turnin folder for temporary storage.  You can turn in a partly finished file and then come back later, retrieve it, and work on it some more at any machine.  Just retrieve it and save it in the folder that you customarily use for Java projects.  

Old versions of files are transferred to a "Deleted" folder, which you can't see.  Files that you delete with the "Delete" button are moved here also.  The staff can undelete a "deleted" file if necessary, but because the process is time consuming, will not normally do so.

Verifying that your file was transmitted correctly

Make sure that your file got to your Microlab account correctly.  The quickest is to find the exact size of the file you submitted.  With the Windows Explorer, open the directory the file is in.  Right click on the file and select Properties from the pop-up menu.  The dialog box will state the exact size of the file in bytes.  This should exactly match the size of the file shown in the turnin window. Be sure you are looking at the file you meant to turnin. There may be several versions of a file on your computer and it is your responsibility to turn in the correct one.