CS312 Startup - Things to Do

Canvas Set up your Canvas account. We will use Canvas to turn in assignments and to post grades.
Piazza Set up your Piazza account and confirm that you can see the discussion forums for CS312 - Scott.
Textbook Get a copy of all the textbook: Building Java Programs: A Back to Basics Approach (3rd Edition), Publication Date: March 7, 2013 | ISBN-10: 0133360903| ISBN-13: 978 - 0133360905 | 3rd Edition, Pearson Education / Addison Wesley. 
Clicker Purchase a clicker. iClicker+, iClicker2, and the original iClicker are all acceptable. Register your clicker at the iClicker website. Use your UTEID (no spaces) as your student ID. The frequency for my classes is AA, the default.
UTCS Account Request a CS department account. For access to CS department machines (Microlab below) and CS department email account
Java If you want to work on your own system, download the Java SE Development Kit.
Interactive Development Environment
If you want to work on your own system and want to use an IDE, download either BlueJ (simpler, fewer features, easier to learn, not recommended past CS312) or The Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (complex, lots of features, harder to learn, useful beyond CS312. I recommend the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers )
Practice It Create a Practice It account. These problems are not graded, but excellent practice.
Class Web Page Familiarize yourself with the class web page. Especially the syllabus, the schedule, and the programming assignments guidelines.
Microlab use guide CS department web page on the labs. Slides for basic of using Linux machines: Guide to Using the CS Department Microlab Computers
Time Management Watch Randy Pausch's time management talk. If you have a lot of time (1.25 hours) and want to be inspired, watch The Last Lecture.