Computer Science 312
Software Page
CS 312  The University of Texas at Austin

This page contains links to pages with information about the various software tools you will be using in this course.

Java Platform, Standard Edition Version 8.0 and Documentation: If you want to work at home you must download and install Sun's Java SE Development Kit  (JDK) which includes both the development tools (compiler, etc.) and the Java Runtime Environment (jre).  The Java JDK, along with a text editor of some sort, is the minimum software you need to create and run Java programs. See this page for instructions for download and installation.

BlueJ: BlueJ is an easy to use interactive development environment (IDE). Download and install BlueJ (after you've installed the JDK!) if you intend to work at home. Here are instructions for installing BlueJ on your own computer. Here are instructions for getting started with programming in BlueJ.

An alternative Eclipse: Eclipse is more powerful than BlueJ, but a little harder to learn how to use. I use Eclipse as the IDE of choice in CS314.


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