CS 314 Specification 4 - Designing and Implementing a Program With Multiple Classes - MasterMind
Unofficial Assignment Specification

Programming Assignment 4: Pair Assignment. You may work with one other person on this assignment using the pair programming technique. Your partner can be in any CS314 section taught by Mike. Review this paper on pair programming. You are not required to work in a pair on the assignment. (You may complete it by yourself if you wish.) If you begin working with one partner and do not wish to finish the assignment with that partner you must complete the assignment individually. If you work with a partner, the intent is that you work together, at the same computer. One person "drives" (does the typing and explains what they are doing) and the other person "navigates" (watches and asks questions when something is unclear). You shall not partition the work, work on your own, and then put things together.

You and your partner may not acquire from any source (e.g.  another student or an internet site) a partial or complete solution to a problem or project that has been assigned. You and your partner may not show other students your solution to an assignment. You may not have another person (current student other than your partner, former student, tutor, friend, anyone) “walk you through” how to solve an assignment. You may get help from the instructional staff. You may discuss general ideas and approaches with other students. Review the class policy on collaboration from the syllabus. If you took CS314 or CS307 in a prior semester and worked with a partner you must start from scratch on the assignment. If you took CS314 or CS307 in a prior semester and did this assignment on your own and want to work with a partner this term you must start from scratch.

The purpose of this assignment is to design and implement a program with multiple classes

Description: Design and implement a program to play the board game Mastermind. When finished turn in a jar file named A4.jar with all the necessary files using the turnin program.

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