Setting up BevoTest in Eclipse

In CS314 we use a testing framework named BevoTest, developed by a former TA, John Thywissen.

BevoTest homepage

1. Download the bevotest.jar to your system. Put the file some place you can find it such as your desktop.

2. Add the bevotest jar to your Eclipse project. Simply drag and drop the file into your Eclipse project. (I recommend copying the file into the project not linking to it.)



3. Add the jar to the project. Do this by bringing up the project's Properties Window. Three ways I know of to do this.

    A. Select the project folder in Eclipse and press ALT - ENTER (together)

    B.  Right click on the project folder in Eclipse and select Properties from the Context Menu. (At the bottom)

    C. With any element of the project selected, click the Project Menu item at the top of the GUI and select Properties from the Drop Down Menu.

You will see a window like this when you have opened the Properties Window:

4. Click the Java Build Path Item and then the Add Jars button. Another window pops up, the Jar Selection window. Expand the project folder and select the bevotest.jar file.

5. The bevoetest.jar should now show up in your project library and CodeCampTester should now be free of compile errors. Run the tests by running the main method in Easy way to run a program with a main method in Eclipse -> right click in the source code and from the Context Menu that pops up select Run As and then Java Application.

More info on BevoTest including the source code and documentation can be found here.