CS314 Startup - Things to Do

UTCS Account

Set up your UTCS account. If you had a CS account last term your account should be recreated automatically.
Piazza Set up your Piazza account and confirm that you can see the discussion forums for CS314 - Scott.
Textbooks Decide if you want the optional textbooks listed on the syllabus. (The books are optional because there are many free, online resources you can use. I list alternate readings on the class schedule.)
Clicker Purchase a clicker. iClicker+, iClicker2, or the original iClicker are all acceptable. Register your clicker at the iClicker website. Use your UTEID (no spaces) as your student ID. The frequency for my sections is AA, the default.
Java If you want to work on your own system, download the Java SE Development Kit.
IDE If you want to work on your own system and want to use an IDE, download Eclipse. I recommend you pick the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers  Be sure to enable assertions and set the compiler compliance level to 1.7.
CS Department Account If you want to ensure your programs run on the CS department Linux machines learn how to transfer files to your CS department account and to compile and run those files.
Class Web Page Familiarize yourself with the class web page.
Assignments Ensure you understand the assignment requirements and then start the first assignment.
Schedule Familiarize with the schedule and print out the slides in advance if you want to take notes on the slides.