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Computer Science
CS 352 Computer Systems Architecture
M 383E Numerical Analysis: Linear Algebra
CS 388G Algorithms: Technique and Theory
CS 396 Research Practise and Experience
CS 380D Distributed Computing
CS 383D Numerical Analysis: Interp, Approx, Quadrature, and Diff. Equations
CS S375 Compilers
CS 388L Introduction to Mathematical Logic
CS 395T Hardware Verification
CS 386L Programming Languages
CS 395T High Performance and Parallel Computing
CS 389R Recursion and Induction
CS 395 Conference Course (6 hours with J Moore)
CS 395 Conference Course (48 hours with Warren A. Hunt Jr.)
CS 395 Conference Course (6 hours with Robert van de Geijn)
BIO 384K Recent Advances in Computational Biology
BIO 384K Computational Phylogenetics and Applications to Biology
BIO 384K Advanced Systematics