CS105 - Computer Programming in LISP

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Unique:   55392
Instructor:   Serita Nelesen
E-mail:   "my first name"@cs.utexas.edu
Meeting Times:   ENS 145, MW 10 &ndash 11am
Dates:   January 14 &ndash March 5
Office Hours:   M 11am &ndash noon, W 1-2pm TAY basement lab, or by appointment

  • February 11: Assignment 2 key posted on blackboard.
  • January 23rd: Quiz January 28
  • January 23rd: Emacs help scheduled Friday, January 25th 10-11a, PAR 103
  • January 23rd: Lecture notes updated to be 4-up, hopefully easier to read
  • January 14th: First day of class