Soujanya Ponnapalli

About Me PhD student at The University of Texas, Austin.
Advised by Prof. Vijay Chidambaram

Part of the UT Systems and Storage Lab (UTSASLab) .
Part of the UT Lab for Advanced Systems Research (LASR) .

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in file systems, distributed systems and operating systems. Some of my recent work is in File Systems, key-value stores and authenticated data structures. My recent interests include distributed authenticated storage.


Research intern at VMware Research, Palo Alto, CA - Summer of 2018.
R&D Intern at Hitachi, Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India - Winter of 2015, Summer of 2016

Research Work


Research Projects

Research Projects

CrashMonkey and ACE

CrashMonkey is a file-system agnostic testing framework for automatically testing a file-system for crash consistency. It is meant to explore crash states that are possible when a computer crashes while executing a workload. Automatic Crash Explorer (ACE) exhaustively generates sequences of workloads, given bounds on file system operations and their parameters

On GitHub


Fall 2017 - Currently pursuing

International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad

BTech with Honours in Computer Science.
Advisor : Prof. Suresh Purini.

2013 - 2017



Mentor : Michael Wei

Summer 2018 - Ongoing

Working on building a highly scalable distributed system with sharded authenticated storage.



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Student Travel Grant Award

Student Travel Grant

Recipient of USENIX ATC'18 student travel grant, sponsored by National Science Foundation (NSF).

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IIIT-H Best All rounder 2017

Best All-rounder, UG2k13

Recipient of IIIT-H Best All-rounder (UG2k13) Gold Medal, for excelling in academics and extra curricular activities