CS329E Fall 2017

Stephany Coffman-Wolph
Office Hours: MF: noon-1 pm, 2-3 pm, 4-4:30 pm, W: 11-noon, 2-3 pm, 4-4:30 pm

Full Syllabus (pdf) Full Syllabus (doc)

Basic Informaiton

Time: MWF 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: CLA 0.128
Pre-Reqs: CS 313E, 314, or 314H with a grade of at least C
Textbook #1: Database Design with UML
Textbook #2: Extreme Programming Installed (ISBN: 978-0201708424) Textbook #3: Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code (ISBN: 987-0201485677) All assignments, lecture notes, and other course material will be posted on the Canvus website for the course


Your grade will be computed from your performance on these components using the following weights:
Exams: 30% (Midterm Exam: 15%, Final Exam: 15%)
In-Lecture Participation: 5%
Homework Assignments: 30%
Projects: 35%

During the semester you will working your way through 8 levels of achivements:
Level 7: Fellow, 900-1000, A
Level 6: Distinguished, 800-899, B
Level 5: Principle, 700-799, C
Level 4: Manager, 600-699, D
Level 3: Senior, 450-599, F
Level 2: Intermediate, 300-449, F
Level 1: Junior, 150-299, F
Level 0: Intern, 0-149, F

Grading Scale: A+: 97-100, A: 94-96, A-: 90-93, B+: 87-89, B: 84-86, B-: 80-83, C+: 77-79, C: 74-76, C-: 70-73, D+: 67-69, D: 64-66, D-: 60-63, and F is 59% or less.

Assignment Late Policy

The first week penalty: 5% per day it is late
After the first week penalty: 10% per day it is late
Assignments more than 20 days late will not be accepted for grading and will receive a 0
Weekends, school holidays, etc are counted with calculating lateness
No assignments are accepted after 5:00 pm on the last day of classes

Canvus, Email, and Use of Electronic Devices During Class

You are responsible for checking Canvus regularly and the material posted there
You are responsible for checking your university email and material sent
You are expected to stay alert and pay attention in class.
Cell phones and other similar devices should not be used during class.
You may use a laptop or tablet in the class to enhance your learning experience.
However, the instructor feels you are distracting others, they may ask you to turn-off your computer.