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Selected Publications

Enabling high-performance, mixed-signal approximate computing.
St. Amant. (Ph.D. Dissertation 2014) [pdf]

General-purpose code acceleration with limited-precision analog computation.
St. Amant et al. (ISCA 2014, selected for IEEE Micro Top Picks Honorable Mention 2016) [pdf]

Mixed-signal approximate computation: A neural predictor case study.
St. Amant et al. (IEEE Micro Top Picks 2009) [pdf]

Low-power, high-performance analog neural branch prediction.
St. Amant et al. (MICRO 2008, selected for IEEE Micro Top Picks 2009) [pdf] [ps]

Dark silicon and the end of multicore scaling.
Esmaeilzadeh et al. (ISCA 2011, selected for Communications of the ACM Research Highlights and IEEE Micro Top Picks 2012)

Please see my CV for a more complete list of publications and additional details.


Contact: stamant@cs.utexas.edu https://www.linkedin.com/in/stamant