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Enabling high-performance, mixed-signal approximate computing.
St. Amant. (Ph.D. Dissertation 2014) [pdf]

General-purpose code acceleration with limited-precision analog computation.
St. Amant et al. (ISCA 2014, selected for IEEE Micro Top Picks Honorable Mention) [pdf]

Mixed-signal approximate computation: A neural predictor case study.
St. Amant et al. (IEEE Micro Top Picks 2009) [pdf]

Low-power, high-performance analog neural branch prediction.
St. Amant et al. (MICRO 2008, selected for IEEE Micro Top Picks) [pdf] [ps]


Dark silicon and the end of multicore scaling.
Esmaeilzadeh et al. (ISCA 2011, selected for Communications of the ACM Research Highlights and IEEE Micro Top Picks)