My stepfather, Martin J. Klein.

Died March 28, 2009. See this eloge written by his friend and colleague, Anne Kox, which appears in the journal Isis. See here for his biography, and the obituary in the New York Times. Finally, this page has a photo of the wedding between him and my mother (my sister, Kimmen, on the left, and his close friend since childhood, Leon Lederman, on the right as best man).

My other stepfather, John Paul Blewett,

Died on April 7, 2000, just five days short of turning 90 years old. See the New York Times obituary, and this obituary written by Ernest Courant, his colleague at Brookhaven.

My mother

My mother, Joan Warnow-Blewett, born Joan Carol Nelson on December 11, 1931, died Tuesday May 30, 2006, in a hospice (the Bruns House) in Alamo, California. She was a brave woman with an incredible ability to believe in everlasting love. She had a tremendous career, and was rightfully proud of her accomplishments as an archivist (she specialized in 20th Century physics, and was elected a Fellow of the Society of American Archivists). She was also proud of her children and grandchildren. She had been married three times: to our father, Morton Warnow (divorced in 1964), then to physicist John Paul Blewett (died 2000), and finally to physics historian Martin Klein. She died, surrounded by all her children, her son-in-law, and with her husband holding her hand. They had been married for less than a year. We were lucky to be with her, all of us. I wish only that she had lived longer, and that we had all gotten to know her better. A memorial for my mother was held on June 11, 2006, in Carolina Meadows (Chapel Hill, North Carolina) where she lived with Martin Klein until her death.

My father

My father, Morton Warnow, died on March 3, 2006. Here is the obituary I wrote for the New York Times.

My family included some musicians. My grandfather, Mark Warnow, conducted the Lucky Strike Hit Parade on the radio, where he conducted Frank Sinatra. His brother, Raymond Scott, although also a conductor, was better known for his unusual compositions.

Here is a photo of my daughter, Menaka, at her wedding.

Dancing with George at Menaka's wedding, see this page for more about my husband George.