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Stickynotes is a free Windows program designed to replace all those little paper notes you have stuck to your monitor. It's designed to be there when you need it, but be out of the way when you don't.

You never have to save or load Stickynotes. They automatically save any time you change them, and load back up the next time you start stickynotes. There's even an option to have Stickynotes load automatically when you start Windows.

So download Stickynotes, and take a load off your monitor (and your brain)!

The new version (2.x) of Stickynotes includes a number of new features -- see the Online Documentation for more information.  Try it out today!

If you're already using a previous version of Stickynotes, please be sure to disable it before installing the new version.  To do so, uncheck "Run Automatically when Windows Starts" in the Settings dialog box of the old version, then select Quit.  Your notes will be preserved from the old version.

NOTE - Stickynotes is actually free, and contains no spyware or ads or any other garbage like that. There's no special non-free version you'll be pressured to buy, and no "piggyback" software bundled with it. It's just pure, free software.

If you like Stickynotes, or if you have a question, suggestion, or any comment, please send me mail.

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