The Gallery of Stick-Figure Warning Signs

Crane smashing person
For the longest time, whenever I saw one of those "don't stick your head into the rotating blade" warning signs with an illustration of a stick-figure person doing exactly that, I've wanted to make a web gallery of them.

I'm interested in them partly because they're just funny.  A cartoonish picture of a stick-figure person falling off of a ladder is just plain humorous.

I'm also interested in them because they're a visual form of anticryptography, the science of conveying information without assuming any prior knowledge.  A good stick-figure warning sign should be immediately recognizeable in its message, even if the viewer does not understand the language of the sign's text.

I finally decided to make this gallery happen, so I bought a Palm Zire 71, which has a built-in camera.  Its pictures don't look as good as a decent digital camera, but I'm not likely to carry around one of those everywhere I go.

Tractor running over child

On to the pictures!

last updated 18 Nov 2003