Projects for Autonomous Intelligent Robotics (FRI)

Your final project is to develop some aspect for the BWI project.

You will be required to work in teams of 2-3 people each.

The schedule is as follows.

The progress report should be at least 4 pages double spaced. I prefer double-sided printing. Make sure you proofread and spell-check. It should be formatted similar to the papers we have been reading (i.e. with an abstract, sections, citations, etc.).

It should be written with the goal of convincing us that what you are doing is interesting and non-trivial, and that you are making progress towards your goal. It is expected that a good portion of the progress report will be identical to the proposal. Team members should clearly identify what their roles have been and will be with relation to the overall project.  The progress report will be evaluated on written expression , coherence of argument, and content.

Please turn in one hard copy of the report at the beginning of class (double-sided printing is preferred), and submit an electronic version via turnin before class (with grader shweta and hw name progress). Reports that arrive after that (including partway through class) will be considered late.