CS312 (Nandakumar) Startup - Things to Do

UTCS Account

Set up your UTCS account and confirm that you have access to Turnin.
Familiarize yourselves with UNIX and Linux.  It is not essential, but very helpful.
Practice It Create a Practice It account.
Blackboard Set up your Blackboard account and confirm that you can see your grades.
Piazza Set up your Piazza account and confirm that you can see the discussion forums for CS 312  (Spring 2014).
Textbooks Get a copy of the textbook with access code to MyProgrammingLab.
Register at MyProgrammingLab.com with your Email ID, CourseID (a.k.a. "Section Access Code"): UNITEX-AUS-7727-0, and your Access code that came with the book.
Clicker Purchase a clicker. iClicker+, iClicker2, and the original iClicker are all acceptable. Register your clicker at the iClicker website. Use your UTEID (no spaces) as your student ID. The frequency for my sections is AA (the default).
Java If you want to work on your own system, download the Java SE Development Kit.
IDE If you want to work on your own system and want to use an IDE, download either BlueJ (simpler, fewer features, easier to learn, not recommended past CS312) or Eclipse Standard (complex, lots of features, harder to learn, useful beyond CS312).  The instructor staff will support BlueJ, but not necessarily Eclipse.
Class Web Page Familiarize yourself with the class web page.
Microlab use guide
Guide to Microlab use